Plastic surgery of thigh

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This is aesthetic surgery to improve the shape of thighs, to reduce their volume and to tighten them. It helps to varnish the thigh contour; the especially good results are reached in patients after severe weight loss and in case of excessive loose skin.

How the thighplasty is done?

The surgery is done under the general anaesthesia and lasts about 2-4 hours. A vertical incision is made in the medial side of thighs, a surgeon removes the excessive skin with a lipid tissue and rearranges tissues making nicer thigh shape and reducing the volume. Depending on the situation thighplasty can be combined with liposuction.

Post-surgical period and care

Allocate some time for recovery after the surgery and make necessary arrangements to have someone near yourself at home, who will help you with everyday tasks. In about one week after the surgery you will be able to walk at home without any significant discomfort. 

If your work is not associated with physical activities you can return to your working activities in 3–4 weeks after the surgery. The majority of swelling and bruising will resolve within this period. To facilitate healing and reduce welling just after the surgery for two months you will have to wear compressive garment. In 6–8 weeks you will  be able to return back to intensive physical activity and usual everyday life. 

Thighplasty results

After complete healing you can enjoy slim and proportionate to you body thighs. The thighs will look younger their skin will be smoother and with less visible cellulite. 

Plastic surgery of the upper arm

Saggy, loose and fluttering skin of arms is a common event, inevitably occurring with ageing. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your arms and saggy skin lowers your self–esteem, restricts fitting in clothes, a plastic surgery of the upper arm is the only way to restore a nice shape of your arms.

How the plastic surgery of the upper arm is done?

During the plastic surgery of the upper arm an incision is made in the medial part of arm from the elbow towards the armpit, therefore a scar usually remains invisible. During the surgery that lasts 2–4 hours, the surgeon removes the excessive skin and lipid tissue, lifts and anchors the remaining tissues to reach the desired result.

Post-surgical period and care

You will experience mild swelling, pain, aching and bruising during the first week. Sutures are removed after 10–14 days. To facilitate optimal healing for about 6 weeks you will have to wear a special medical garment – compressive sleeves. After this period and doctor’s approval you can return back to your routine and physical activities. Up to that time you shall avoid lifting heavy items, strains and lifting you arms up.  

Results of the plastic surgery of the upper arm

The surgery results last life-long, physical activity and healthy life style will help to maintain them. Because of natural ageing the forearm area will lose its tightness, however, will look nicer than before the surgery. 


Plastic surgery of thigh

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January 24, 2023

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